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Get Answers With Our FAQs
Get Answers With Our FAQs
Explore our FAQ section to get quick answers to common questions. 
Should you need to speak with us directly, just contact us. We'd be happy to discuss your needs or answer any questions you might have. 
Q. “Any hints for protecting a storm-damaged roof?”
A: Tarps are widely used for temporary protection. Choosing an SBS base type shingle that provides impact resistant would be recommended if you're in a high storm-related area.
Q. “Can I build over my existing roof?”
A: This was more common before the 2000’s but not so much anymore. Architectural shingles are more rigid and thicker making a roof over not so appealing. Also, it's important to make sure the decking is in good condition, and proper ventilation is provided. Manufacturers also diminish their warranties for 2nd layers. Any professional contractor would advise against this.
Q. “Can you explain exactly what roof flashing Is?”
A: Usually made of aluminum or galvanized metal, that is used over joints or penetrations on roof and wall construction to prevent water infiltration and causing damage.
Q. “What can I expect during a roof inspection and quote appointment?”
A: Friendly customer education—not obnoxious solicitation. Our expert Project Consultants create a pleasant, informative, and relaxed environment because they make a salary instead of working on commission. 

Salary-based pay not only takes the pressure off our Project Consultants to hard sell, but it also attracts higher quality candidates for our Consultant positions. We’ve devised a pay system that filters out the hustlers who subject you to sales pressure, pricing games, and compliance tricks. 
Q. “How much do your roofing projects cost the Homeowner?” 
A: Our prices align with what it takes to pull off your project right. No more. No less. 
That might not make us the cheapest, but it also means we don’t spike our prices to squeeze every last penny from you. When you choose Krumwiede Home Pros, you choose the greatest value. It’s that simple. 
Q. “Who, exactly, will be installing my roofing?”
A: As one of Chicago's largest roofing companies, we have the resources to train a high-volume of smart, skilled, and passionate people. 

To ensure smooth sailing during your installation, a dedicated Project Manager spearheads the planning and overall execution of your project. We make sure to dedicate the appropriate number of professionals to every job.
Q. “Do you offer financing?”
A: Yes. We offer a wide variety of excellent financing options. To explore some of our payment plans and apply, visit our financing page. 
Q. “Are your providing consultations free?”
A: Yes! Not only are our consultations free, but they are also highly educational. Before your appointment, we assign a handpicked Project Consultant to your project. Your Project Consultant will make an expert recommendation and can help guide you to the look, style, and material you truly want. 

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© Copyright 2020 - All Rights Reserved
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